Tornado/Windstorm Locking Solutions

Industry Pioneers- Securitech locking systems are the first to have passed FEMA 320 & FEMA 361

Protect Against Tornados/Windstorms: Storm Shelter Door Hardware

As industry pioneers, Securitech multi-point lock systems are the first to have passed FEMA test 320 & FEMA 361. While the affected building may inevitably be damaged or destroyed by a tornado/windstorm, it is imperitive that the designated shelter and storm shelter door hardware is properly equipped and secured to ensure life safety for the occupants within.

Securitech proudly partners and tests with a wide array of door manufacturers providing proven life safety and high security solutions.

Securitech is the first door hardware manufacturer to have products surpass both FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 guidelines to protect the public from extreme wind load and flying debris conditions that result from tornadoes.

Securitech multi-point solutions have been tested with assemblies including door products from Ambico, Ceco Doors, Mesker, Insulgard, Windsor Republic & Steelcraft Manufacturing. Inc. Consult the factory for a current list of door manufacturers.

Originally designed to prevent forced entry and meet safety code requirements, Securitech’s multi-point locking systems are ideally suited to meet FEMA 320 & 361 tornado guidelines and testing criteria found in the ICC 500-2008 Standard.

Frames, doors and hardware components are tested together as an assembly. By design, doors and frames are transferring load, created by wind or debris impact, to the main structure of the building. Locking hardware ensures that doors stay locked and do transfer that load regardless of the opening’s handing and/or function.

The strength inherent in Securitech’s multi-point locking systems provide perfect solutions to withstand these extreme loads and redistribute the load more evenly around the perimeter of the door opening.

Meets FEMA 361, 320 & NSSA ICC 500-2008.
Meets all UL 10-C Fire-Code, Positive Pressure and ADA requirements for single motion exiting.

Free Egress:
A single motion retracts all of the deadbolts simultaneously.

Traditional side heavy-duty mortise lock- no plastic moving parts.
Lock body fits into standard ANSI mortise lock preparation.
5” long, 5/8” diameter stainless steel vertical deadbolts with 1” projection

HOV Bolt Models:
Lower deadbolt projects horizontally into the frame, not the floor. This prevents the deadbolt from jamming due to dirt and debris at the floor strike. One person can install maintain and service lock without taking the door down.

Additional Features & Options:
Wide variety of standard and custom functions to meet specific locking requirements. Consult factory if not listed.
Models available for window shutters.

Contact Securitech for proper mortise cylinder sizes and cams requiredfor new and existing key systems. (Standard or High Security)

High Security Facilities
Community Windstorm Shelters for Schools
Community Windstorm Shelters
Retails Stores
Office Buildings
Apartment Buildings & Residential Safe Rooms

Award Winning Auto-Bolt™ MAX

The Auto-Bolt™ MAX is Security Industry Association’s 2017 New Product Showcase Winner in the “Lock Systems & Secure Storage Containers.” Designed for locations accessible by staff and the public alike, AUTO-BOLT'”MAX offers maximum protection against break-ins combined with a simple unlock action. And as with all Securitech locking products, it is fully compatible with standard, high-security, removable core and restricted key systems using mortise cylinders. The optional electric release integrates with all access control systems and all the required signals (like REX, bolt position and door position) are available.

Multi-Bolt™ 7000 series

Multi-point mortise locks provide safety & security in one lockset. The traditional lock operation (key thumb turn or lever retraction) operates all the deadbolts simultaneously. The wide variety of available functions meet almost any need.

Auto-Bolt™ 8000 series

Securitech’s Auto-Bolt™ locksets are trigger activated. When the trigger hits the strike, up to three stainless steel deadbolts project into the frame. With life-safety always in mind, a single motion retracts all the deadbolts for easy exiting.

Multi-Bolt™ 5000 series

Multi-point mortise locks provide safety & security in one lockset. The traditional lock operation (key, thumbturn or lever retraction) operates all the deadbolts simultaneously. The wide variety of available functions meet almost any need.

Meets FEMA 361, 320 & NSSA ICC 500

Multi-Point 4300 series

4340-SS320-105 is a multiple-point lock installed in unison with a traditional latch entry lock (knob or lever type – by others). The latchlock and multi-point lock work independently, but are installed with a common interior underplate. The multi-point lock is operated by a thumbturn on the interior or key on the exterior.

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