Time Out Room/Seclusion Lock

Constant Supervision Lock

Constant Supervision Lock

Quiet or Seclusion Rooms in schools or behavioral healthcare related facilities require effective locking solutions to withstand the force of a patient attempting to break out of the room. Different levels are available. Multi-point locking spreads the force across the door and frame at top, center and bottom of the door, and is best suited for environments with adults and large children. Single-point deadbolt locking would be acceptable with smaller or less potentially violent patients.

Local code requirements should be consulted prior to the installation of any quiet room lockset. Latches are not recommended on these doors in order to prevent accidental locking in a room.

Multi-Point Locking
3-Point locking keeps the door secure and resists violent patients
Stainless steel deadbolts with 1” throw
Surface mounted or concealed models
Concealed models require factory door preparation
Surface models can be retrofitted to existing doors

Supervised Or Unsupervised Models
Lockable keyed model for use where code allows
Constant supervision model requires staff member presence at door at all times

Seclusion Rooms

Temporary Student Containment

Temporary Patient Containment

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