Exit Locking System That Deabolts Both Sides Of The Door

Exit Locking System That Deadbolts Both Sides Of The Door

Code-Compliant single motion exiting

Deadbolt Protection Against Break-Ins

Solid deadbolt assembly

Protection Against Hinge-Side Attack

Deadbolt provided to resist hinge-removal break-in

Superior Anti-Pry Installation

Thru-bolting & anti-pry plate are standard

Customizable To Meet Security & Operational Needs

Wide range of available alarms & options

Use On Steel, Wood or Aluminum Doors

Special kit for mounting on glass doors

Easy Installation Without Special Kits

Lock fits all width doors with no special kits needed

Alarms Resist Damage By Moving Carts, Etc.

Wall-mounted alarms ideal for high delivery areas

Keeps sound inside where needed

Battery Alarms May Be Added Or Upgraded As Needed

Direct power upgrade kit available

Modular Configurations

Choose exterior option which meets your needs (may not be available for glass doors)

Rugged Design, Ideal For Back-Of-House Doors

Stamped steel, not die cast, lock housing

Emergency Exit Doors

Recieving Doors

Emergency Exit Glass Doors

Doors Leading To Fire Corridors


SEL-100  Manual Locking Model; No Alarm. 
SEL-110  Manual Locking Model; With Battery (SEL-A10)
SEL-200  Self-Relocking Model; No Alarm
SEL-210  Self-RElocking Model; With Battey Alarm (SEL-A10) 
SEL-GK2  Glass Door Kit; for Aluminum Doors 34′ or 36′ Wide.  


SEL-100  Manual Locking; Without Alarm

SEL-110  Manual Locking; Includes SEL-A10 Battery Alarm 
SEL-120    Manual Lcoking; Includes SEL-A20 Direct Power Alarm. 


SEL-GK2  Glass Door Kit; For Aluminum Doors 34″ or 36″ Wide. 
SEL-IAL  Key-Activated 2-Point Vertical Bolt Lock For Inactive Leaf & Double Door Strike Kit.  
SEL-DDA  Double Door Strike For Doors Not Using SEL-A10  Keyed Battery Alarm With 9 Volt Battery
SEL-A20  Hardwired Direct Power Alarm
SEL-SSO  Signla Switch Only With Cable 
SEL-AM1  Battery Alarm; Armored Cable; Integral Key Switch; Door monitor Switch.
SEL-AM2  Direct Power Alarm; Armored Cable; Integral Key Switch; Door Monitor Switch. 


SEL-200  Self-Relocking; Without Alarm
SEL-210  Self-Relocking; Includes SEL-A10 Battery Alarm
SEL-220  Self-Relocking; Includes SEL-A20 Direct Power Alarm.  

SEL-PS2  Direct Power Supply For Use With A20
SEL-PT1  Direct Power Plug-In
SEL-MTT  Cylinder & Thumbturn; For Both Series
SEL-MDT  Cylinder & Thumbturn; For Both Series; Electric, 24vDC Required. 
SEL-KLT  Mechanical Cylinder & Lever; For SEL-200 Models (Specify Handing).
SEL-KDT  Electric Cylinder & Lever, For SEL-200 Models; Electric,  24vDC Required (Specify Handing). 

-CT  Digital Counter (Add Designation after model number) Alarm models only. 
-CW  Concealed Wire From Switch Into Door (8′ Leads).  

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