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Concealed Cylinder Resists Vandalism, Bumping & Unauthorized Key Use

Designed To Fit Over Removable Core or Standard Cylinders

Prevents Krazy Glue & Other Forms Of Vandalism To Lock Cylinder.


 The SECURIGUARDTM shield is raised by the magnetic key.
The lock key may then be inserted and used. 
The shield will remain open until lowered by use of the magnetic key.  

SECURIGUARDTM Protects Against

Unauthorized Key Use
Krazy Glue 


Bump Key Protection
Simple Access Control
100% Cylinder Concealment
Prevention Of Cylinder Icing
Easy Installation
Special Magnetic Keys That
Cannot Be Duplicated
Ease Of Use

 Applications Are Endless, From Every School Entrance Door To a Storefront, The SECURIGUARDTM Protects Them All. 

 What is “Bumping”?

Burglars take a regular key and mill it down, creating a “Bump Key”. It is inserted into the lock and with a tap of a hammer on the “Bump Key” the lock opens. It’s so easy an eight-year-old can do it! The technique has been around for over 20 years and is spreading like wildfire thanks to the internet.