Conceals & Protects the Cylinder

Concealing The Key Cylinder To Resist Vandalism, Bumping & Unauthorized Key Use

Securiguard is a locking cover designed to completely conceal and protect the key cylinder against vandalism, use of unauthorized keys, key bumping, picking and the effects of extreme weather.  Securiguard installs over removable cores or standard cylinders and uses a unique locking system that shuts out others from gaining access to the cylinder.  Weatherproof, mechanical design.

Securiguard™ Protects Against
Unauthorized Key Use
Krazy Glue

Bump Key Protection
Simple Access Control
100% Cylinder Concealment
Prevention Of Cylinder Icing

Easy Installation
Special Magnetic Keys That Cannot Be Duplicated
Ease Of Use

Easy To Install
Ideal for retrofit or new construction

School Entrances

Storefront Entrances


Retail Buildings

Products You May Be Interested In:

Seclusion/Constant Supervision Lock

Securitech Time Out Room Lock

Quiet or Seclusion Rooms in schools or behavioral healthcare related facilities require effective locking solutions to withstand the force of a patient attempting to break out of the room. 


Securitech MP Police Lock 4800 series

Use this surface applied multi-point door hardware on retrofit or new construction solution in stock rooms, computer rooms, safe rooms, utility closets, firearms storage rooms, remote buildings and other non emergency doors.

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