School Locking Solutions

Keeping Safety & Security at the heart of School Solutions

School Security For Everyday Use & Emergency Lockdown Situations

Securitech keeps classroom safety and security at the heart of its School Locking Solutions whether it be for everyday or emergency use. As concerns regarding school security dramatically increase, steer clear of illegal barricades and other time hindering, dangerous temporary solutions during an emergency lockdown. Forget about scrambling to find keys, Securitech’s code-compliant classroom security systems meet Department of Homeland Security #1 Recommendation to quickly lockdown classroom doors without a key.

Securitech offers key cylinder protection for school perimeters to resist vandalism, bumping, and other unauthorized key use. Single and multi-point seclusion/time out room deadlocks are also available and intended to help teachers implement short periods of detenion. 

LEXI™ Lockdown

Similar to the innovative Quick Intruder Deadbolt™ Lock, the LEXI™ Lockdown offers enhanced safety and security in larger multi-door spaces. While these locks function as everyday passage locks in the day, the exit device can be dead bolted by pressing the emergency button above the exit device, pressing the pendant, or by pressing the emergency lockdown button in case of an emergency. The stainless steel LEXI™ trim is unique in that it retrofits exit devices made by all major American lock manufacturers, allowing for a consistent and sleek aesthetic exterior lever.

QID™: Quick Intruder Deadbolt Lock

One simple push of the red button below the lever assures the  teacher that their door is properly secured. This one-step approach allows the teacher to instantly focus on sheltering in place or evacuating. Teachers or students can instantly secure doors in case of an emergency, without having to search for a key. QID provides instant and maximum protection to doors securing students or employees while maintaining free egress at all times to meet  life safety codes.


Securiguard’s concealed cylinder solution resists vandalism, bumping & other unauthorized key use. This unique solutions is designed to fit over removable core or standard cylinders. The slding shield that covers the cylinder can be raised and lowered via special magnetic key. This solutions prevents vandalism by Krazy Glue and “bump keys” cannot be used.

Time Out Lock™

Time-Out rooms were approved for use for short periods of detention. The student is to be observed at all times. In order to ensure compliance with life-safety codes and prevent locking a student in the room, “Positive Pressure” locking was developed to require the constant presence of an authorized person. Removing pressure from the paddle or lever will unlock the door. Multi-point locking protects against “break-outs” and damage to the door and frame.

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