Securitech Retail Locking Solutions


Remove slide bolts, deadbolts, 2x4s and other illegal hardware from exit doors. Securitech’s Trident’s deadbolts (not latches) provide maximum break-in protection with total code compliance. This multi-point lock system has a minimum of 3 bolts. The Trident security system has proven time and time again to be an effective solution for rear doors. Watch a recorded attempted break-in and read testimonials!

MP Police Lock 4800™

Multi-point locking bolts the door to the frame at up to five independent locations. The typical break-in occurs when a burglar tries to pry the door away from the frame at the lock area. Multi-point locking defeats this method by protecting the door like a bank vault lock. The 4850 series brings greater protection towards the lock edge of the door to protect against prying attempts. The hinge-side bolts protect against hinge-removal and prying on the hinge-side of the door. 4851 series models include thru-bolt plates for added fastening strength and shim packs to aid installation.

LDT™: Lock Device Trim

The key or electric release unlocks the turnpiece. Rotating the turnpiece in one direction will retract the deadbolt. Rotating the turnpiece in the opposite direction will project the deadbolt. The turnpiece has built in stops and is spring loaded. Releasing the turnpiece will bring it back in locked position.


Designed for Aluminum doors, the Serpent offers deadbolted protection against break-ins for Emergency Exit Doors. The Serpent is code-compliant with single motion exiting.


Securiguard’s concealed cylinder solution resists vandalism, bumping & other unauthorized key use. This unique solutions is designed to fit over removable core or standard cylinders. The slding shield that covers the cylinder can be raised and lowered via special magnetic key. This solutions prevents vandalism by Krazy Glue and “bump keys” cannot be used.


Give your doors a uniform look without changing all the hardware.

Retrofiting our LEXITM Control Trim to various exit devices is made possible by Securitech’s Mounting Plates & Operators (MP&O). Each MP&O is created specifically with a certain exit device in mind. We are always creating new MP&O’s if you find that we do not have a MP&O for your device, please contact Securitech.

The MP&O is mounted to the back of the LEXITM Control Trim. This is bolted through the door to the exit device allowing the trim and device to work simultaneously.

Auto-Bolt™ 8000 series

Auto-Bolt locksets are trigger activated. When the trigger hits the strike, up to three stainless steel deadbolts project into the frame. Life-safety is provided for, as a single motion retracts all the deadbolts for easy exiting.

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