QID™ : Quick Intruder Deadbolt Lock

Secure Student At The Press Of A Red Button

Active Shooter Preparedness With Securitech’s Emergency Lockdown Lock

Active Shooter Preparedness with Securitech’s Emergency Lockdown Lock

One simple push of the red button below the lever assures the teacher that their door is properly secured. This one punch approach allows the teacher to instantly focus on either sheltering in place or evacuation of the children. Precious seconds and minutes are saved with this school lockdown system.

Everyday Use

The QID works as a regular classroom function lock for everyday use, and jumps to deadbolt and lock the door for emergency use. QID series locks can retrofit to existing doors or be used in new construction.

Keyless Instant Lockdown

No scrambling to find the classroom key, simply press the button

Superior Instant Protection

Full 1inch throw stainless steel deadbolt and latch

Deadbolt locking instead of latch

Visual Indicator

The visual indicator notifies occupants that the door is deadbolted and the outside lever is locked

Free Egress

A single motion retracts the deadbolt and latch from the inside at all times

Keyed Entry

Staff and first responders can always enter by key

No one is ever locked in

Additional Features & Options

From locking styles, touchbars, to retrofit and new construction, QID series is completely customizable

Different functions are available to meet K-12, university, or office needs

Electrified Version Available

One press of the teacher or administrator’s wireless pendant, or with the button below the lever assures the door is properly secured

Lock the door remotely without approaching the door

Individual room or full system lockdown options available


Higher Education


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