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Many custom solutions have been products over the year, inquire about your high security locking system needs today.
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OEM products with door mfgrs, specifically tested to meet government standards

Mark J. Berger, Securitech’s President & CPO, speaks with‘s Chuck Harold about Securitech’s School Locking Solutions: the QID™: Quick Intruder Deadbolt Lock and LEXI™ Lockdown at 2017 ASIS International in Dallas, Texas.

Securitech’s High Security Door Locking Solutions

Our renowned security products and solutions originate from the needs of individual end-users and institutions. Unlike other door hardware manufacturers, many Securitech products are custom made and tailored to different levels of security. As a result, we do not publicly share sensitive information such as instructions, templates, and specific catalog cuts for our security products. Instead, we share our popular models and generic overview of our door locking systems and kindly ask prospective and returning clients to contact Securitech Headquarters directly for more information.

We’re proud to provide code compliant locking solutions for markets from schools and behavioral healthcare facilities to worldwide retailers, & government institutions. Securitech latest technology offers a complete set of high quality solutions for access control, panic exit devices, forced entry solutions, and more.

Securitech Auto-Bolt™ MAX

Auto-Bolt™ MAX awarded ISC West’s NPS Winner

The Auto-Bolt™ MAX won 2017’s New Product Showcase award at ISC West under “Lock Systems and Secure Storage Containers” and featured on

Multi-point locking enters the 21st century with the award winning Auto-Bolt Max™, Securitech’s newest forced-entry resistant locking system. Dead bolting the door at 5 locking points each time it closes, Auto-Bolt Max™ features single motion retraction to meet all life safety codes. Built to last with a stainless steel lock body and door trim, ABM is customizable with hardwired, low voltage and Bluetooth release. Signaling includes REX, bolt position, door position and key usage switch for maximum system integration.

Find out more about Securitech’s Auto-Bolt™ MAX

LEXI™ Electric Lockdown

Featured on, Securitech’s LEXI™ Lockdown brings this life-saving functionality to existing exit devices. LEXI™ Lockdown offers enhanced safety and security to all exit device doors, including larger multi-door spaces like lecture halls. The exit devices always provide single motion functionality.

The LEXI™ Lockdown does not interfere with regular operation – In an emergency situation, anyone in the room can press the red LEXI™ Lockdown button which instantly locks the exit device’s exterior lever handle. In larger rooms, the electric LEXI™ Lockdown system would include wall mounted lockdown stations which would instantly lock all of the rooms’ exit device exterior levers. Pendants and remote release stations are also available for this system.

Find out more about Securitech’s LEXI™ Lockdown

Frequently Asked Questions

We strive for transparency and honesty in all of our customer relationships, and our FAQ section does just that. We know that in this business lots of questions come up, and we’re prepared to answer all of them.

If there is something that we’ve missed, please reach out to a member of our staff for help.

Where can I purchase Securitech products?

Securitech Group, Inc. is a manufacturing company, products can be purchased through distributors and dealers. Contact a representative for product information & purchasing questions! We’ll  direct you to your region’s distributor or dealer.

Pricing inqueries can also be answered by contacting us.

What is your turn around time?

Securitech products are customized based off of specific end-user requirements and are handcrafted at Securitech Headquarters. Depending on the product ordered and the complexity of it’s customization, products may take longer to produce. 

Contact a representative to schedule your customized order accordingly.

Instructions and Template Requests

As a high-security manufacturing company, we request you reach out to us for instructions and templates as they are updated frequesntly for your convienence. 

Custom Locks and Alarms

Dont see a solution to your security problem? Contact us for assistance in creating a custom product or modification to meet your particular needs by filling out the form.