Auto-Bolt™ MAX

The award-winning Auto-Bolt™ MAX redefines high security.

The ABM won Security Industry Association’s 2017 New Product Showcase Award in the “Lock Systems & Secure Storage Containers” catagory at ISC WEST in Las Vegas.

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LEXI™ Electric Lockdown

From the industry leaders of instant deadbolt locking, LEXI™ Electric Lockdown secures multi-door rooms.

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Securitech’s High Security Door Locking Solutions

Our renowned security products and solutions originate from the needs of individual end-users and institutions. Unlike other door hardware manufacturers, many Securitech products are custom made and tailored to different levels of security. As a result, we do not publicly share sensitive information such as instructions, templates, and specific catalog cuts for our security products. Instead, we share our popular models and generic overview of our door locking systems and kindly ask prospective and returning clients to contact Securitech Headquarters directly for more information.

We’re proud to provide code compliant locking solutions for markets from schools and behavioral healthcare facilities to worldwide retailers, & government institutions. Securitech latest technology offers a complete set of high quality solutions for access control, panic exit devices, forced entry solutions, and more.

Tornado/Windstorm Solutions

Multi-Bolt™ 8000 series, Multi-Bolt™ 7000 series, Trident™, ATAR™, Auto-Bolt™ MAX

Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

A4L™, DAISY™, Sallyport Locking, UML series

Custom Solutions

Many custom solutions have been produced over the years, inquire about your locking system needs today.

Retail Locking Solutions

Trident™, Serpent™, MP Police™ 4800 series, LDT™, Alarms, Securiguard™, Bluetooth series, Multi-Point MOTA™, Cannabis Security Solutions

School Solutions

LEXI™ Lockdown, QID™ Mortise, Cylindrical, & Electric, Securiguard™, Time Out Room Locks™

Apartment Building Solutions

Maglatch™, Electrolatch™, Enduralatch™, ELECTRA™, Securiguard™

New York City Tough Solutions

Maglatch™, Electrolatch™, Enduralatch™, MP Police™ 4800 series, Securiguard™

Electric Locking Solutions

LEXI™, ELECTRA™, ACCED™, RACHIE™, YAMAKA™, Interlocks, Electrified Hinges, DCIT, Bluetooth series,

Power Transfers

Door cords, Panic Retrofit Cords, Electric Mini-Hinges, Electrified Hinges, YAMAKA™

Multi-Point Locking

Trident™, Multi-Bolt™ 7000, Multi-Point MOTA, Auto-Bolt™ 8000, MP4900, Multi-Bolt™ 5000, Time Out 4700, MP4800, Integralock, PEDS, Custom

Government & Infrastructure Solutions

New York City Housing Authority Exit Devices, 2C™ series, Electric Auto-Bolt™, USPS Time Locks, Centurion™, Trident™, Multi-Point MOTA™

Forced Entry & Blast Resistant Solutions

MP Police™ 4800series, Multi-Point™ 8000 & 7000 series, Trident™, OEM Products with door mfrs., specifically tested to meet government standards

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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive for transparency and honesty and all of our customer relationships, and our FAQ section does just that. We know that in this business lots of questions come up, and we’re prepared to answer all of them. If there is something that we’ve missed, please reach out to a member of our staff for help.

Where can I purchase Securitech products?

Securitech Group, Inc. is a manufacturing company, products can be purchased through distributors and dealers. If you are inquiring about custom or special order locking systems, please contact Securitech Headquarters.

Contact us for product information, purchasing, and pricing inquiries. We’ll happily direct you to your region’s distributor or dealer.

What is your turn around time?

Securitech products are customized based off of specific end-user requirements and are handcrafted at Securitech Headquarters. Depending on the product ordered and the complexity of it’s customization, products may take longer to produce.

Contact a representative to schedule your customized order accordingly.

Instructions and Template Requests

As a high-security manufacturing company, we request you reach out to us for instructions and templates as they are updated frequently for your convienence.

Custom Locks and Alarms

Dont see a solution to your security problem? Contact us for assistance in creating a custom product or modification to meet your particular needs by filling out the form.

Contact Us

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.
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