Post Office Locking

Secure single & multi-point locks that meet USPS requirements

USPS Time Lock

Secure single & multi-point locks that meet USPS lock requirements with Securitech’s post office lock solutions. USPSTL-FA-200 has been designed to meet the special locking and durability needs of the US Postal Service. The exit device features electric latch retraction for unmanned automatic unlocking and locking of the door. A field programmable timer, secured in a locked enclosure, is used to create time zones, programmable by day of the week.
Life-safety codes are respected via the single motion panic bar which is operable at all times, even if a customer is within the station when the door automatically locks. Exiting is always possible. Entry is possible by key during locked periods.

Designed For High Traffic Locations

ANSI Grade 1, UL Listed

Electric Latch Retraction

Heavy Duty, 24vDC Solenoids

Suitable For High Traffic Conditions And Capable Of Extended Periods Of Activation

Keyed Entry (Cylinder By Others)

1″ Forged Steel Latch Bolt

High-Performance Anodized Coatings

Solid Metal End Clips

Can Be Mounted On 2″ Narrow Stile Doors

Available For Doors Up To 4′ Wide


Main Entrance Doors

Employee Entrances

Rear Exits

Post Offices

Automated locking and unlocking of Post Office doors

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