PEDS: Panic Exit Deadlock System 361

Tested To FEMA Standards For Extreme Weather/Windsotrm Shelters

Designed To Surpass The Most Stringent FEMA Testing Criteria & Protect Life & Property Under Extreme Weather Conditions

Securitech’s multi-point automatic deadbolt locks and exit devices project spun stainless steel deadbolts into the frame each time the door closes.

  • UL listed for safety and use on fire rated doors, (up to 4′ x 8′ single or pairs).
  • Surpasses both FEMA 320 (residential shelters) and FEMA 361 (community shelters) testing requirements.
  • Interior lever or panic bar always allows free egress
  • Available in 3 exterior lever functions: Passage, Classroom or Storeroom. Electric release also available. GG or UG styles.
  • Exterior Lever handle has slip clutch break-away feature for maximum vandal resistance.
  • Miami, Dade NOA

Main Entrance Doors

Employee Entrances

Rear Exits

Clinic Entrances

Secure Rooms

Data Centers

P*E*D*S 361 is a compliment and must be used on an approved 361 door.


Panic Exit Deadlock System
With Surface-Bolt Option & Stainless Steel Channels

4-Point Locking 
Exterior Lever Release
UG Style Trim
Interior Stainless Steel
Exterior Powder Coated Black Finish

Internal Model (for vertical deadbolts) also available.
Contact factory for list of tested doors
Refer to P*E*D*S & Auto-Bolt catalog for additional product information

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