Storage Rooms, Back Doors, Motorized Multi-Point Locking, Loading Entrances, Double Doors, Four To Six Point Locking, Safe-Rooms, Electrical Rooms, or Server Rooms.


Multi-Point Locking - Retail Locking Solutions 
For use on steel or wood doors, wide-stile aluminum doors, aluminum doors with mid-rails



Multi-Bolt 7000
Exit Device Solution - Forced-Entry Protection - Multi-Point Locking
Full Function Multi-Point Locking Mortise Lock & Exit Device



Multi-Point Mota 
Motorized Trim - Forced-Entry Protection - Multi-Point Locking
Full Function Motorized Multi-Point Locking Mortise Lock



Auto-Bolt 8000
Mortise Lock Solutions - Forced-Entry Protection
Instant Deadbolt Protection Each Time The Door Closes.


MP 4900 Series
Multi-Point Locking
4-Point Protection Against Break-Ins Easy Exiting To Meet Life Safety Codes Manual, Self Locking & Fire Rated Models


Forced-Entry Protection  
Full-Function High-Security Mortise Lock


TIME-OUT ROOM 4700 Series 
Windstorm Solutions - Special Locking 
Meets Local Codes For Detention (Time-Out) Rooms Within Schools Which Require Continuous Observation Of Person Within The Room



 Integralock TM 4200 Series 
Forced-Entry Protection
Hardened Steel Deadbolts Bolt The Door To The Frame And Saddle At All Four Sides. 

MP Police Lock 4800
Forced-Entry Protection 
Surface Applied Multi-Point Locking Systems. Maximum Protection Against Break-Ins


MP Police Lock 4820VSL 
Forced-Entry Protection 
Superior Protection Against Break-Ins In One Lockset


Exit Devices - Automatic Deadbolting - Multi-Point Locking
The first mortise lock to meet FEMA's exacting requirements




Special Locking  
Individual catalog cuts for custom models