Multi-Point Locking Solutions

Proven Multi-Point Locking Solutions

Securitech provides heavy duty multi-point locking door hardware aimed to protect people and places against forced entry and threat protection.


Remove slide bolts, deadbolts, 2x4s and other illegal hardware from exit doors. Securitech’s Trident’s deadbolts (not latches) provide maximum break-in protection with total code compliance. This multi-point lock system has a minimum of 3 bolts. The Trident security system has proven time and time again to be an effective solution for rear doors. Watch a recorded attempted break-in and read testimonials!

Mutli-Bolt™ 7000

Multi-point mortise locks provide safety & security in one lockset. The traditional lock operation (key thumb turn or lever retraction) operates all the deadbolts simultaneously. The wide variety of available functions meet almost any need.

Multi-Point MOTA

Multi-Point Mota uses custom motorized control to project all the deadbolts simultaneously project and/or retract the deadbolts (and latch on some models) to meet the end users requirements. The interior lever retracts all of the bolts (and latch) simultaneously for one motion exiting. This electronic multi-point lock offers high security rooms maximum convienence and maximum security with deadbolt projection.

Auto-Bolt™ 8000

Securitech’s Auto-Bolt™ automatic deadbolt projection locksets are trigger activated. When the trigger hits the strike, up to three stainless steel deadbolts project into the frame. With life-safety always in mind, a single motion retracts all the deadbolts for easy exiting for high-security facilities. Exit device models are also available.

MP 4900 Exit Lock

MP4900™ Exit Police Lock solves the Safety & Security problem by invisibly adding multi-point deadbolt protection to the standard alarmed exit lock operation. New Fire-Rated exit device models allow installation on interior doors.

Multi-Bolt™ 5000

Multi-point mortise locks provide safety & security in one lockset. The traditional lock operation (key, thumbturn or lever retraction) operates all the deadlocks simultaneously. The wide variety of available functions meet almost any need.

Time Out Lock 4700

Quiet or Seclusion Rooms in schools or behavioral healthcare related facilities require effective locking solutions to withstand the force of a patient attempting to break out of the room. Different levels are available. Multi-point locking spreads the force across the door and frame at top, center and bottom of the door, and is best suited for environments with adults and large children. Single-point deadbolt locking would be acceptable with smaller or less potentially violent patients.

Integra-Lock™ 4200

Integra-Lock is an internally-mounted 4-point locking system. One turn of the knob or key sends steel deadbolts through the door and intro the frame- bolting the door at four independent locations.

MP Police Lock 4800™

The typical break-in occurs when a burglar tries to pry the door from the frame at the lock area. Securitech’s multi-point locking system defeats this method by protecting the door like a bank vault. Use this surface applied multi-point door hardware on retrofit or new construction solution in stock rooms, computer rooms, safe rooms, utility closets, firearms storage rooms, remote buildings and other non emergency doors.


Securitech’s multi-point automatic deadbolt locks and exit devices project spun stainless steel deadbolts into the frame each time the door closes.

Special Customized Models

Multi-point special models have been created to meet some common and special needs. Additional Securitech multi-point lock models are created on a daily basis to aid architects and specifiers in meeting safety, security, and durability needs. Contact us to customize your multi-point locking needs.