Code Compliant Release Action Allows Use of Electromagnetic Lock

Code Compliant Release Action Allows Use of Electromagnetic Lock

Maglatch is an integrated locking system featuring positive latching and electromagnetic locking for ‘dual locking.’ Retracting the exterior or interior lever releases both locks simultaneously providing easy “no special knowledge” operation and code compliance. Maglatch is designed to create the most rugged and durable lock for high-traffic and vandal-prone locations.

Dual Locking Principle Provides Locked Door In The Event Of Power Failure

Reliability Protects Against “Negligent Security” Lawsuits

Durable Design Of Trim, Levers, Simple Strike & Electromagnet Withstand Abuse In The Roughest Neighborhoods

Reduced Service And Maintenance Costs Due To Patented Design

Single Action Release Of Latch & Electromagnetic Lock (Invisible Magnet Action)

Vandal-Resistant Slip-Clutch Within Stainless Steel Exterior Lever Handle Breaks Away When Forced Without Damage

Solenoid Cuts Off Automatically If There Is A Struck Button On The Intercom

Switches Within Trim Units Invisibly Release The Electromagnetic Lock

Mortise Latch Lock Physically Locks The Door Each Time It Closes For Fail-Secure Protection

Patented Quick-Switch Cylinder Change Method And Removable Spindle For Easy Service

Apartment Building Entrances

Card Access Controlled Doors

Public Housing Entrances/Exits

Office Building Stairwell Doors

Model Information

Includes Trim; Mortise Latch Lock; 1200 lbf. electromagnetic lock. 

#9030 Elements with heavy-duty trim package 

#9032 modified with additional elements for NYC Housing Auth. 

Includes trim; mortise latch lock; electromagnetic lock by others.

Standard 1-¼x8″ Mortise And 4-7/8”
Strike Prep.
CYLINDER: Mortise Cylinder
Required (By Others).

DOOR & FRAMEPREPARATION: Standard 1-¼x8″ Mortise And 4-7/8”Strike Prep.HANDING: LH, Rh, LHR, RHR
CYLINDER: Mortise CylinderRequired (By Others).

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