Heavy-Duty Forced Entry & Blast Resistant Door Hardware

Securitech provides heavy duty maximum resistance door hardware aimed to protect people and places against forced entry and threat protection. 

MP Police Lock 4800™

The typical break-in occurs when a burglar tries to pry the door from the frame at the lock area. Multi-point locking defeats this method by protecting the door like a bank vault. Use this retrofit or new construction solution on stock rooms, computer rooms, safe rooms, utility closets, firearms storage rooms, remote buildings and other non emergency doors.

Auto-Bolt™ 8000 series

Multi-point mortise locks provide safety & security in one lockset. The traditional lock operation (key thumb turn or lever retraction) operates all the deadbolts simultaneously. The wide variety of available functions meet almost any need.


Trident™Multi-Point Locks provide multi-point deadbolt locking with maximum, time proven resistance to break-ins. Code compliant, single motion exiting retracts all moving bolts simultaneously, as opposed to the use of slide bolts, drop bars, padlocks, etc., which violate building and fire safety codes.

Offering maximum protection at the lock edge, the stainless steel deadbolts project one full inch into the frame. Also included is a hinge-side bolt that protects the door against hinge side attacks.

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OEM Products with door mfgrs., specifically tested to meet government needs.

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