History has shown us time and time again that people's lives are lost when emergency exit doors do not open with a single code compliant motion. Time is critical when a fire breaks out as smoke quickly spreads, panic follows and the emergency exit light becomes a beacon of safety to the fleeing crowd. Unfortunately all too often these doors are secured by auxiliary locking devices such as slide bolts, hasps, bars and deadbolt locks. Newspapers tell the tale of Firemen finding dead bodies stacked up at emergency exits that prevent the doors from opening when the doors are illegally secured.

Why are extra illegal locks added to emergency exits?

Unfortunately most exit door locks provide little or no security against forced entry. Business owners lose sleep over the vulnerability of their inventory due to the back door being "popped" open by a six-inch crowbar. a thief can open the door in minutes and still have enough time to make off with large amounts of inventory before the Police arrive. A large chain store in California was losing up to $50,000 per break-in.

What if these Locks are only used at night?

Ask any Fire Marshal and they will tell you that many times the locks that are only to be used at night are still left on the door at 2:00 in the afternoon. Firemen responding to fires at night often lose their original way into the building (e.g. collapse of a ceiling) and have to rely on an auxiliary way out. Once again the emergency exit becomes the means of egress and the Fireman is trapped and dies.

Isn't Human life more important then losing inventory?

Of course human life is paramount to the potential of inventory loss. However, many property/ business owners do not understand the potential for disaster when they illegally secure their exit doors. Building, Fire and Safety Inspectors enforce the codes that forbid these devices to be used but many times run up against a brick wall. Violations are found, summonses are issued, and violations are removed only to reappear in the near future.

What Does Securitech Group, Inc. Do That Is So Different?

Securitech Group, Inc. manufactures high security, multiple point exit locks that meet today's Life Safety codes. Our locking systems are designed to be on the door twenty-four hours a day and always be in the correct mode for immediate emergency egress! Multiple point dead bolts stop the threat of forcible entry therefore eliminating the need for illegal locks to be added to the door. Life Safety and high security are evenly matched in our exit devices.

How Does Securitech Group, Inc. Support The Fire, Building and Life Safety Community?

Our commitment runs deep and we have worked very closely with Federal, State and Local authorities to help stop the widespread use of illegal emergency exit locks. We are glad to provide support in any way possible including but not limited to seminars, literature and product demonstrations. Our staff has worked closely with code officials from New England to the West Coast. Several Fire Marshal Offices have our literature on file as a way of offering solutions to exit door problems encountered in the field.

Our goal is to help eliminate illegal locking devices on emergency exit doors. Endorsement of our products is not our goal in working with the Life Safety Community. Please feel free to call Securitech Group, Inc. at 800-622-5625 to discuss how we can best assist your department in making emergency exit doors safer.