Securitech Electric Lock Door Hardware

Securitech offers a wide array of electrified door locking products and systems: access control systems, electronic door locks, electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, electric strike, electric locks, delayed egress locks, electrified mortise, deadbolt locks, and more. 

Securitech door hardware retrofits major door manufacturers.


Give your doors an architectural unformed look without changing all of the existing exit device hardware.

Retrofitting our LEXI Control Trim to various exit devices is made possible by Securitech Mounting Plates & Operators (MP&O). Each MP&O is created specifically with a certain exit device in mind. Contact us if you find that we do not have a MP&O for your device.


Complete control trim packages for mortise and cylindrical locks.


Securitech’s rock-solid control trim and exit device packages are designed to stand up to the toughest uses and environments and easily integrate to access control systems.  ACCED provides complete Code Compliant functionality with free egress and no special knowledge, while securing your facility against unauthorized access.

Electrified Hinges

The cleanest method of transferring power from the frame where the door is hung by hinges. Recommended for new construction or retrofit into frames without concrete. Available in 4, 6, 8 or 10 wire models. See price list for available sizes. Optional door position switch provides valuable information to access control system.


An innovative method for hollow metal, aluminum (YMK-20) or wood doors (YMK-21). The module (A.) mounts in the top of the door, with the spring loaded tips protruding above the door. As the door closes, the tips make contact with the transfer plate (B.) which is mounted to the frame. Tested for 1 million cycles. Not for Fail-Safe applications.

Bluetooth series

Bluetooth series devices provide all the benefits of Securitech Control Trim with the addition of bluetooth locking. BT series devices can be installed on virtually any door. The electric release solenoid is located inside the trim, eliminating the need for electric strikes or maglocks.

Simply tap the VIZpin key on your mobile phone’s screen and turn the ADA compliant lever to open the door. Key override is always available with this series.

DCIT: Door Control Integration Terminal

DCIT is a power transfer for low voltage devices and promotes easy connection for door mounted devices. Extra heavy stainless steel cable for power transfer wires connects to conduit.

Mantraps, Sallyports, & Interlocks

Standard mantraps provide “A” & “B” operation; if door “A” is open, door “B” cannot be opened, and vice-versa.
Securitech Entry & Exit Control Systems start where more than “A” & “B” are required. By using dual-locking technology, Securitech can create systems which provide operational security and meet special operational and life-safety needs.