Complete Control Trim Packages

Complete Control Trim Packages

Complete Control Trim Packages for both mortise and cylindrical lock body options. Electrified Lever Trim

Electra™ Mortise

Designed for doors with mortise preps, Securitech’s mortise lock body options allow for installation on different types of doors, including steel, wood, narrow stile aluminum or gates. Complete lock packages include all hardware.

Electra™ Cylindrical

Designed for doors with cylindrical openings. Complete package includes hardware.

Easy Installation To Existing Doors
Does not require cutting into frame for electric strike.
Installs in existing mortise or cylindrical preparations
Different Mortise Sizes (Regular, Narrow-Stile)

Easy “No Special Knowledge” Operation
Unlock lever by key, card access, keypad, intercom, push-button or other release

Slip Clutch Lever Handle
Durable, rugged one-piece construction.
Meets ADA code

Eliminates Peripheral Request-To-Exit Devices
Models available with request-to-exit built into the interior lever

Apartment Building Entrances
Dormitory Entrances
Stairwell Doors, Fail-Safe, Re-Entry Doors
Computer Rooms
Other Applications

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QID™: Quick Intruder Deadbolt Lock

Securitech School Intruder Protection QID QAL SPELL

One simple push ofthe red button below the lever assures the teacher that their door is properly secured.


Securitech Securiguard Concealed Cylinder Protection

Concealing the key cylinder to resist vandalism, bumping and unauthorized key use.

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