Ligature-Resistant Over-the-Door Alarm

Over-the-Door Ligature-Resistant Alarm

In behavioral healthcare facilities, swinging doors can present an opportunity for patients to harm themselves.  Securitech has created an anti-ligature top door alarm sensor system for these doors which instantly notifies staff of an attempted sentinel event.  Nationally recognized as the leading product of its class, the DAISY ligature warning sensor system provides an aesthetically pleasing curved design resembling chair rail molding, and is used in conjunction with a smooth full length antiligature continuous hinge.  These combine the system elements and support the concept that visible door hardware should add to a serene environment, and not appear intimidating.  Related peripheral components include strobes, key switches and nurse station desk or wall alarm consoles, and enable the creation of simple single door systems up to complete multi-door notification systems.

While there is no replacement for continuous observation, the DAISY Life Safety Alarm is a powerful tool in attempted suicide prevention and in immediately aiding nursing staff.

Aesthetically Designed To Detect Items Draped On Door

Curved bar design + multiple sensors detect pressure placed on door.

Neutral beige color blends in with environment

Durable Construction

Mounts securely to the door

Nuisance Alarm (Field Programmable)

Life-Safety Considerations

Staff member must visit emergency door in order to silence an alarm.

Signaling Options

Designed to be easily integrated into the layout of any facility.

Provides alarm signals to console and strobe

Optional remote signal output

How to build your DAISY system:

DAISY Bar; one per door.

DAISY Hinge; one per door.

Key switch; placed on hallway side of each door.

Strobe Light; placed on hallway side of each door.

Power Supply + Controller (12 or 24 door system).

Nurse Station Console; Desk or Wall Mounted (12 or 24 door system)

Multi-door option Splice box integrates one (bathroom + bedroom door) on panel

Packaged single door kits are available for complete coverage of evaluation room doors in ER departments

Solutions are also available for applications with center hung pivots or double acting continuous hinges, as used with rescue hardware.

Patient Bedrooms

Patient Bathrooms

ER Evaluation Holding Rooms

At Risk doors in patient hallways

Time Out Rooms

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