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Securitech Behavioral Health: Patient Safety

Securitech’s Behavioral Health door hardware addresses patient safety and security concerns in mental health environments. Securitech’s anti-ligature line of products focus on life safety: ask us about our double-acting hinge, single door alarm kits, over the door alarms, and ligature resistant levers for hospital patient room doors and single or multi-point deadlocking lock systems for seclusion/time out rooms.  Our easy-to-operate behavioral safety hardware is designed to alert psychiatric facility staff to help protect patients from harms way.

Securitech has been active in Behavioral Healthcare for over 30 years. Recognizing the desperate need for ADA compliant ligature-resistant door locking solutions, a joint effort was initiated between Securitech, industry professionals, and the mental health community. Securitech’s patented ligature resistant hardware was reviewed by the VA National Center for Patient Safety Department and was quickly included in the VA’s Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist. Securitech’s ligature resistant hardware has also been included in the National Association of Psychiatric Health System’s Design Guide for the Built Environment of Behavioral Health Facilities and was the first ligature resistant lever in the Patient Safety Standards recommended by the New York State Office of Mental Health.
Thousands of devices have been successfully installed in VA medical centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and private facilities across the country. Throughout the years, Securitech has earned its reputation by continuing to develop customer-driven functions and unique solutions for the behavioral health community. The offerings laid out in this brochure present an overview – there are many more functions available. The best solutions always come from the customer and Securitech is your partner to make those solutions happen.

A4L: Ligature Resistant Locks

The A4L series is Securitech’s unique anti-ligature solution for ADA-compliance in hospital patient room doors in mental health facilities. This innovation is the first ADA compliant patient safety suicide-resistant lever set, designed in collaboration with the nation’s best behavioral healthcare consultants.

DAISY™: Over-The-Door-Alarm

Securitech has created an antiligature alarm sensor system for these doors which instantly notifies staff of an attempted sentinel event.  Nationally recognized as the leading product of its class, the DAISY sensor bar provides an aesthetically pleasing curved design resembling chair rail molding, and is used in conjunction with a smooth full length antiligature continuous hinge.

Time Out Room Lock™

Quiet or Seclusion Rooms require effective locking solutions to withstand the force of a patient attempting to break out of the room. Different levels are available. Multi-point locking spreads the force across the door and frame at top, center and bottom of the door, and is best suited for environments with adults and large children.

Sallyport Locking Hardware

Securitech Entry & Exit Control Systems start where more than “A” & “B” are required. By using dual-locking technology, Securitech can create systems which provide operational security and meet special operational and life-safety needs.

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