Securitech A4L Series

The A4L series is Securitech’s unique solution for ADA-compliance in mental health facilities. This innovation is the first ADA compliant suicide-resistant lever set, designed in collaboration with the nation’s best behavioral healthcare consultants.  Works with traditional mortise or cylindrical openings, maintains a low profile with a smooth appearance and easy operation. 

Available in different functions and options.  The A4L represents Securitech’s response to the growing need for code-compliant solutions within psychiatric hospitals and mental health wards.

Conical Shank Design

Tapered Free-Moving Lever

Lever Moves Upwards & Downwards

No Exposed Fasteners

Stainless Steel Escutcheon and Lever

Fewer Moving Parts

Electric Release Series Available

Behavioral Healthcare Facilities:

Patient Bedrooms

Patient Bathrooms

Nurse’s Station


Activity Rooms

Screening Rooms

Ward Entrances

Doctor’s Offices

The First Patented Anti-Ligature Lever Handle Lock

Securitech plays an important role in ensuring life-safety and security for behavioral healthcare and mental health facilities. 

DAISY™ Over-The Door Alarm

DAISY Over-The-Door Alarm

DAISY, a ligature-resistant top door alarm sensor system for doors in healthcare facilities which instantly notifies staff of an attempted sentinel event.

Seclusion Room Lock

Securitech Time Out Room Lock

Quiet or Seclusion Rooms in schools or behavioral healthcare related facilities require effective locking solutions to withstand the force of a patient attempting to break out of the room. Customize to meet your needs

Single Door Alarm Kit

Securitech Over-the-door alarm Anti-ligature DAISY Emergency Room Kit Security

Stand-alone kit is designed for dedicated space for at-risk patients awaiting mental health evaluations or admittance, such as Emergency Intake Rooms.

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