Safety & Security Combined In One Lock

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Instant Deadbolt Protection Each Time The Door Closes

  • Choose from single-point or 4-point models
  • Trigger activated automatic deadbolt locking
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Deadbolts project one full inch in each direction
  • Optional multi-point feature bolts the door to the frame at up to 4 independent locations
  • Interior lever or UL listed panic bar
  • Can be rated for use on fire-rated doors up to 4’ wide and 8’ tall
  • Easy exiting: Interior lever or panic bar retracts all bolts simultaneously
  • Easy installation on hollow metal doors
  • Wide variety of exterior trim functions, including key-released lever trim, electric release and keyed pull handles
  • 5” long, 5/8” diameter steel vertical deadbolts with a 1” throw
  • Dustproof strike provided for rounded lower bolt on multi-point models

How Does It Work?
Auto-Bolt locksets are trigger activated. When the trigger hits the strike, up to three stainless steel deadbolts project into the frame. Life-safety is provided for, as a single motion retracts all the deadbolts for easy exiting.

Securitech’s TOUGHBARTM
Stainless Steel Device - Heavy gauge touchbar
Integrated, Retractable Ends - No protrusions when device is used
Full-Length Actuator Bar - Rugged anti-vandalism design
Downward Movement - Designed for switch activation

Storeroom Function Lever (44)
Rotating the key unlocks the lever temporarily. Removing the key relocks the lever.

Storeroom Function with Electric Release (46) 
Same as Storeroom Function Lever with access control ability. Uses a 24vDC electric release.

Classroom Function Lever (45)
Rotating the key clockwise unlocks the lever until the key is reinserted and rotated counter clockwise.

 Meets FEMA 361, 320* & NSSA ICC 500-2008(*lever models only)