Lock out access control with a turn of a key

The Secret Is In The Trim…

2C, meaning two cylinders, is a mechanical method of locking out access control.

Initially designed in 2014 to meet a specific end-user requirement, 2C has grown into a robust line featuring a mechanical door lock that is capable of locking out door access control systems. Projecting the deadbolt (by key or turn-piece) disables electric unlocking of the exterior lever, and locks out the lever trim key as well.

Easily Disable Access Control

Projection of deadbolt by key or turn-piece disables access control

Easy Access Control Integration

12vDC release standard on trim. 24vDC on request

Superior Forced Entry Protection

Deadlatch at all times. Deadbolt at the end of the day.

Request-to-Exit Signal

Switch on interior lever or panic bar

Code Compliant

Single motion egress at all times

Custom Model Requests

Securitech can provide customized models to meet specific functions

Sensitive Information Areas

Personnel/Medical Records

IT Rooms

Evidence Rooms


Weapons, Drugs, Data & Other High Value Asset Areas

Critical Information Applications:

Airports, Marine Terminals, Energy Plants, Water Treatment, Communication Centers & More

Products You May Be Interested In:

LDT™: Lock Device Trim

Securitech LDT Lock Device Trim

Key and Electrically Released Trim for Projecting and Retracting the Adams-Rite MS Deadbolt or Hookbolt. Retrofit Existing Lock on Single Doors and Pairs of Doors; Retains Existing Interior Operator


Securitech LEXI- Universal Retrofit Control Trim

Retrofitting our LEXI Control Trim to various exit devices is made possible by Securitech Mounting Plates & Operators (MP&O). Each MP&O is created specifically with a certain exit device in mind.

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