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Securitech is no ordinary lock company; renowned for multi-point locking and the best deadbolt locks, Securitech prides itself as America’s leading “Go-To” high security lock manufacturer. From schools and behavioral healthcare facilities to worldwide retailers, government institutions, and infrastructure, Securitech’s proven solutions provide for a unique niche in various industries and markets.

What seperates us from the rest is simple; all Securitech product designs are customized and driven by the end-user, security director, and architect and then handcrafted at our headquarters in New York City. 

We aim to please– Securitech products retrofit all major lock manufacturers and are specifically tested to meet government standards.

Tornado/Windstorm Solutions

As industry pioneers, Securitech high security locking systems are the first to have passed FEMA 320 & FEMA 361

Multi-Bolt™ 8000 series, Multi-Bolt™ 7000 series, Trident™, ATAR™, Auto-Bolt™ MAX

Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

Proven solutions that prioritize life safety & high security.

A4L™, DAISY™, Sallyport Locking, UML series

Custom Solutions

Many custom solutions have been produced over the years, inquire about your high security locking system needs today.

Retail Locking Solutions

Look no further, Securitech is home to the best deadbolt locking systems made in the USA.

Trident™, Serpent™, MP Police™ 4800 series, LDT™, Alarms, Securiguard™, Bluetooth series, Multi-Point MOTA™, Cannabis Security Solutions

School Solutions

Steer clear of barricades and other non-code compliant intruder locks, Securitech keeps safety & high security at the heart of our school solutions.

LEXI™ Lockdown, QID™ Mortise, Cylindrical, & Electric, Securiguard™, Time Out Room Locks™

Apartment Building Solutions

Field tested in the South-Bronx, our high security locks are no match for unwanted forced entry.

Maglatch™, Electrolatch™, Enduralatch™, ELECTRA™, Securiguard™

New York City Tough Solutions

All Securitech high security product designs are driven by the end-user, security director & architect.

Maglatch™, Electrolatch™, Enduralatch™, MP Police™ 4800 series, Securiguard™

Electric Locking Solutions

Not only are we manufactured in the USA, Securitech is a lock company that proudly retrofits all major lock manufacturers.

LEXI™, ELECTRA™, ACCED™, RACHIE™, YAMAKA™, Interlocks, Electrified Hinges, DCIT, Bluetooth series,

Power Transfers

It’s the little innovative details that make a world’s difference in high security. 

Door cords, Panic Retrofit Cords, Electric Mini-Hinges, Electrified Hinges, YAMAKA™

Multi-Point Locking

Trident™, Multi-Bolt™ 7000, Multi-Point MOTA, Auto-Bolt™ 8000, MP4900, Multi-Bolt™ 5000, Time Out 4700, MP4800, Integralock, PEDS, Custom

Government & Infrastructure Solutions

We’re no ordinary lock company, as a leading USA lock manufacturer, Securitech prides itself on inginuity.

New York City Housing Authority Exit Devices, 2C™ series, Electric Auto-Bolt™, USPS Time Locks, Centurion™, Trident™, Multi-Point MOTA™

Forced Entry & Blast Resistant Solutions

Inquire about Securitech’s best deadbolt locking systems fit for your high security needs.

MP Police™ 4800series, Multi-Point™ 8000 & 7000 series, Trident™, OEM Products with door mfrs., specifically tested to meet government standards

Redefining High Security: Auto-Bolt™ MAX

The sleek and modern Auto-Bolt™ MAX locking system redefines high security.

The Auto-Bolt™ MAX won Security Industry Association’s 2017 New Product Showcase Award in the “Lock Systems & Secure Storage Containers” category at ISC WEST in Las Vegas.

Fully Mechanical Operation With Access Control Integration

One motion retracts all the deadbolts simultaneously meeting ADA requirements. Easy one motion entry by key or via access control system.

5 Point Deadbolt Projection Against Break-Ins

Instant deadbolt locking each time the door closes. The ABM is equipped with stainless steel deadbolts that project 1 full inch. The door is bolted to the frame at the top, two positions on the lock edge and two on the hinge edge. 

Durability You Can Count On

Tested for over 1 million cycles, this locking system embodies a stainless steel lock body and internal parts. The lower bolts project into the frame, eliminating the hole in the floor.

Securitech Spotlight

Securitech engineers and product specialists are ready to answer your call for high security products which are code compliant, meet your specific needs to prevent forced entry, provide proven vandal resistance, surpass durability standards, and/or interface with today’s sophisticated access control and electric locking systems. 

Joe Yuan


September’s Securitech “Employee Spotlight” goes to our valued engineer, Joe Yuan.

“As an engineer at Securitech, I improve the designs, templates, and instructions of parts and assemblies that go out the door. I pride myself in being detail-oriented so I can minimize mistakes and take some stress off my coworkers and customers.”

When asked about his favorite Securitech locking system, he said “My favorite Securitech product would have to be the Auto-Bolt™ MAX. This was the first major lock series in which I was heavily involved in the design.”


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